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Our School Motto

'Love Learning..... Learn Well'

Our School Code of Conduct

  • Be the best you can be
  • Be honest and polite
  • Be respectful and kind
  • Be prepared
  • Be proud
  • Be YOU!

Our Vision

North Molton Primary School’s vision is for our children to have a transformational education; giving each child the opportunity to fully achieve academically and socially, and to lead positive and healthy lives, moving to the next phase of their education as confident, independent and intrinsically motivated learners.

Values of our School Community

These underpin PSHE learning and pupil learning.


  • I am not afraid to make mistakes or take risks in my learning.
  • I am confident about making good choices for myself.
  • I like to try new things and I am brave enough to take opportunities that help me to learn and grow (feedback).
  • I am able to talk about my feelings and ask for help when I need it.


  • I am respectful of myself, making good choices that help me to learn to be a good friend.
  • I always show respect to other people, grown-ups and children.
  • I respect my school, looking after all resources and the school building.
  • I show respect by telling the truth.
  • I respect my school and myself by wearing the correct uniform and bringing all my equipment for learning.


  • I am kind to everyone's feelings, being careful about what I say and how I act.
  • I am kind to others and do not hurt them.
  • I am kind to myself by being the best learner I can be.


  • I work as hard as I can in every lesson.
  • I am a good team member because I consider other people's needs.
  • I am a problem-solver.


  • I aspire to be the best I can be.
  • I have hopes and dreams for the future that I am working towards.
  • I believe in myself.

Love Learning

  • I can help others to enjoy learning.
  • I will celebrate my own achievements.
  • I will find the fun in everything I do.
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