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Our School Motto

'Love Learning..... Learn Well'

Our Aims

Our school is a community that endeavours to provide a caring environment in which everyone can fulfil their potential.

We aim to:

• Provide quality teaching, a stimulating and challenging learning environment.

• Equip pupils with the skills and knowledge to prepare them for the next stage of their education.

• Develop self-respect, confidence and a sense of personal worth whilst nurturing their spirit of curiosity, enquiry and enjoyment.

• Promote high standards of behaviour and a healthy lifestyle.

• Treat every member of the school community with equal value and respect.

• Develop close links with parents, governors and the wider community

Our Curriculum Vision

We aim to provide a broad and balanced curriculum with Maths and English at its core. This means providing opportunities for the children to:

  • Communicate ideas through writing.
  • Read for pleasure and information.
  • Learn through problem solving.
  • Ask questions and explore ideas.
  • Appreciate the arts.
  • Widen their horizons.
  • Become adaptable in a changing world.
  • Be healthy.
  • Appreciate and develop British values.

Growth Mindset

We want the children to:

  • Have fun
  • Be resilient
  • Learn from mistakes
  • Perservere
  • Enjoy life long learning
  • Get involved
  • Embrace challenges
  • Try their hardest
  • Become more independent
  • Have high expectations

"Since we can't know what knowledge will be most needed in the future, it is senseless to try teach it in advance. Instead, we should try to turn out people who love learning so much and learn so well that they will be able to learn whatever needs to be learnt" (John Holt)


Dartmoor Teaching School Alliance

We are a member of this, for more information please see their website http://www.dartmoortsa.org.uk/

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