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School Games Mark

Sport is something we love at North Molton Primary School. We believe it promotes perseverance, determination and cooperation with others, all key values of our school. Children participate in various competitions within our local area across the year, such as tag rugby, football and athletics. In September 2017, we joined a year 3/4 football league in South Molton.

We highlight the role of sport and being active in a healthy lifestyle by timetabling 2 hours of PE per week in each class, staff benefit from the expertise of Achieve 4 All (https://achieve4all.co.uk/), as well as offering extracurricular sports.  Over the year we also offer various other sports clubs, some recent examples being netball and summer games. These clubs encourage children to engage in sport while having fun with their friends.

We encourage every child to learn to lead through opportunities such as being team captains within their PE sessions. Our sports leader program allows children who display talents in PE to share their expertise with others and take responsibility for promoting sport across the school. Their tasks may range from helping set up resources for a lesson to officiating matches.

As of July 2017, we hold a School Games Mark Gold Award for our sports provision. This reflects the commitment, dedication and hard work of both staff and children in encouraging sports participation across the school.

If you are part of a local sports club and are interested in running a session at the school, please contact the school office.

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